5 Best NFT Games In 2022 

5 Best NFT Games In 2022 

If you are a gamer and you’re also interested in NFTs, there’s a way to combine your interests. NFT gaming is slowly becoming a new and profitable concept in the gaming industry. Playtoearn.net has over 800 NFT games with 200 already live. This gives you a wide array of games to choose from, earn from and play.

With blockchain technology and NFTs coming into the gaming industry, gameplay has never been this secure, profitable, and fun-filled. Going from one to another nft games to see which you fancy could be quite tasking, and that’s why this guide is prepared- to show you the 5 best NFT games you should consider playing in 2022


As you may have guessed, NFT games work differently from other regular video games. They are uniquely created with both traditional gaming design, and gaming mechanisms that are non-traditional to regular gaming. 

These non-traditional gaming mechanisms are centered on NFTs, and decentralized blockchains. NFT gaming incorporates NFTs in virtually almost every aspect of the game such as player interactions, in-game items and collectibles, and many other things.

More so, some NFT games are play-to-earn while some are just for playing alone. That is, in play-to-earn NFT games, players get rewarded with digital tokens and also get to earn more the longer they play and in the other, there’s no real profit involved. 

As much as play-to-earn games can yield considerable profits in the long run, it also requires an upfront investment which must be recovered first before you can start earning money. 

5 Best NFT Games In 2022 


As much as NFT games run on decentralized blockchains and are all incorporated with NFTs, not all of them are built in the same way. Styles and genres differ. This makes it quite difficult to choose. However, it’s still up to what you like and want. 

Here are 5 NFT games you should consider playing in 2022 

Axie Infinity 

This is one of the best NFT games in the NFT gaming space right now and it has up to 2.8 million active users. It’s also play-to-earn and you get to earn AXS tokens playing the game. To begin playing Axie Infinity, you need to buy three digital pets. 

They are called Axies. You buy them and begin raising them to create generations of Axies. The goal of the player is to create rare Axie breeds in order to sell them for a good price on the Ethereum NFT marketplaces

An Axie has sold for $820,000. You can check out the Axie Infinity website to see for yourself. Shocked? Don’t be. Play-to-earn NFT games are that profitable. 

Gods Unchained 

This is also among the play-to-earn NFT games. Precisely, it’s a trading card game. Unlike some other NFT games, it is free to play and players own all their in-game items. This makes them free to trade or use their cards as they see fit.

Before players begin to play Gods Unchained, they are given 140 free cards to help them understand how the game works. Each of the given cards has unique abilities and their classification is dependent on tribe, rarity, god, mana cost, and set. 

Players can acquire cards by either buying from other players or winning PVP games. The goal of the game is simply to find cards with different combating abilities to defeat your opponent. If you are a lover of card games, you’ll love Gods Unchained. 

5 Best NFT Games In 2022 

The Sandbox 

Unlike many other NFT games, The Sandbox is more of an NFT creator platform than an actual game. In this supposed NFT game, users get to create their voxel assets. These specific assets can become NFTs and you can sell them in NFT marketplaces. 

The Sandbox helps players monetize the assets they design and the utility token on the platform is called SAND. This utility token is what players use to purchase in-game items. Plus, players can also buy a digital piece or pieces of real estate in the Sandbox Mataverse. Cool right?

Currently the Metaverse consists of up to 166,464 lands and players can use these virtual lands to host games, and also enjoy the benefits of the multiplayer experience. The Sandbox is one of the NFT games that reinforce the concept of the Metaverse in terms of virtual land ownership.   


This is also an NFT play-to-earn card game like Gods Unchained and it also has a similar gameplay. What differentiates Splinterlands from Gods Unchained is that to begin, you must buy your card pack. 

Each card has its special powers as well and you can also find cards that allow you to improve health levels, inflict double damage on your opponents, and decrease speed.

On Splinterlands, players can rent or trade their cards with other players, combine cards to move to higher levels and even convert the cards to crypto tokens. Splinterlands cards are also compatible with marketplaces such as PeakMonsters, Monster Market, Open Sea, and some other platforms. 

You can win rewards by going on quests, winning tournaments, and the like. Energy Crystals, magic potions, collectible cards and card packs are the types of reward available on Splinterlands. Splinterlands and Gods Unchained are the best NFT games involving card trading. 

The Walking Dead: Empires    

You’ll love this if you are a fan of survival games? Of all the NFT games in the NFT gaming space, this one is much more realistic and adventurous. It is a multiplayer game and it is built in the world of the popular AMC TV series, The Walking Dead. 

This game enables players to team up to combat back walkers for survival. It also involves building homes, looking for supplies, and many other things that make it resemble the TV series. Owning lands in this game ensures you earn rewards when there lots of activities going on in your territory. 

Thus, players strive to set up a strong territory to attract rivals, survivors, and walkers. You can also invite other players to stay in your land so as to develop it together for survival reasons. 


There are numerous NFT games on playtoearn.net and there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you love adventurous games, building games, card games, and the like, NFT gaming offers all of them and you know the best part of this? 

You get to play and earn from it. So check out all the games here to find which one you like. You can also check playtoearn.net to check out many other NFT games.         

70% Of Game Developers Don’t Support The Incorporation of NFTs In Gaming: What Could This Mean For NFTs In The Gaming Industry? 

NFTs In The Gaming Industry

As much as many big-time gaming companies such as Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Konami are taking the NFT plunge, it still doesn’t mean NFTs have totally taken over the gaming industry. Most of the gaming population and even game developers are not interested in NFT gaming and crypto payments. 

It has been making the rounds on social media that the idea of incorporating best nft games is done because of the type, and the potential profit that it could bring for the companies, not necessarily because it benefits game players. 

According to a survey conducted in the Game Developers Conference (GDC), it was discovered that out of 2,700 developers, 70% were not interested, 21% were somewhat interested, 7% indicated a keen interest and 1% admitted they’ve already started building NFT-based projects. Click here to look up for new crypto project games.

As much as there are NFT games that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for game companies and even for players, there are still problems that confront the gaming industry with the incorporation of NFTs into games. 

NFTs In The Gaming Industry

Here are some of the reasons why gamers and developers are against NFT gaming. 


NFTs are stored and run on blockchain which is decentralized and uses a great amount of computing power. This equally implies the amount of electricity needed to make this a possibility. For instance Open Sea is an NFT marketplace that is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and it gives off 7.70 metric tonnes of CO2 yearly. 

Terrible right? This is one of the terrible downsides of NFT gaming and this has a negative effect on the environment. Video games already have high electricity consumption. Adopting NFTs on a large scale into the gaming industry will incredibly skyrocket energy consumption.

Think about this. NFT games will definitely incur huge financial costs. And for the record, an NFT transaction takes up to 48.14 kWh of energy. This is more than enough to power an average American household in one day. 

To remedy this energy-intensive problem that comes with NFT gaming, companies such as Ubisoft are making plans to store and run their NFTs on blockchains that feature the Proof of Stake system (PoS) (the less popular one). 

PoS uses less energy than Proof of Work (PoW). Many traditional gamers and developers aren’t prepared to go into such situations.


The economies of the vast majority of play-to-earn NFT games are unstable right now. The regular trend is the release of tokens, an incredible pump, and a drastic dump. The mint ratios of tokens get out of hand and this causes an excess supply which is problematic. 


This is one of the financial consequences that come with many play-to-earn NFT games. Isn’t it terrible to spend up to $1,500 to own some in-game assets? More so, there’s a high possibility of that investment plummeting by a significant amount over time. 

NFT gaming comes with such costs, and potential losses (even if there’s the tendency of making profit). Before making profits from play-to-earn NFT games, you must have recovered the money your initial investment and there’s a possibility you may not be fortunate enough to go up the profit ladder anytime soon.

NFTs In The Gaming Industry


One of the expectations that some people have about NFT gaming is that you’ll DEFINITELY make a return on your investment, but that’s not always the case. Even after enjoying some NFT games you bought, you may never make any profit from it. 

Truth be told, many in the NFT gaming space are failures. Game developers are looking to build something sustainable rather than building things that may endure for a short while. Undoubtedly, NFT games have the potential of earning you some money. 

However, not everyone will be that fortunate. Some may be fortunate enough to buy a game token during a private sale or when it just got minted. And with a parabolic move gathering the interest of many gamers and investors, they can make a lot of money for themselves. 

But all gamers in the NFT gaming space won’t be able to get this. It’s dicey.


With the coming of NFT games into the axie gaming, the shift from leisure to labor in playing games has occurred. Play-to-earn games are now played solely with the aim of profiting rather than leisure or luxury and to progress, you must make profit. 

For instance, Axie Infinity has up to 2 million users and up to 95% play to earn SLP and then convert to fiat currency or PHP. They may not find the game enjoyable, but they are doing it for the money. 

However, play-to-earn NFT games are designed in such a way that playing comes before earning. This poses quite an economically unstable situation and P2E games will need to keep updating the gameplay as it takes the enjoyment out of gaming entirely. 


For the NFT gaming space to thrive, it must find a way to win traditional gamers over. Why? That’s where the bulk of gamers in the gaming industry reside. Most of traditional gamers use labels such as “eco-terrorists,” “Ponzi schemes,” “pump and dump” and “scammers” to describe things related to NFT gaming. 

More so, crypto mining has led to microchips and video cards taken away from traditional gamers and this has made it quite difficult for them to accept anything crypto or NFT-related. 

Given the fact that a very low percent of gamers and developers in the gaming industry embrace NFT gaming, it may take a while before NFTs thrive in the gaming industry. Hopefully with the regular improvements of NFT games and the NFT gaming space, a considerable amount of traditional gamers may come to see it as worth embracing. 


As much as these are the problems that NFT gaming brings into the gaming industry, there’s still a bright future for NFT games. There are lots of potential benefits NFTs can provide. Many of the problems will hopefully be looked into and remedied. 

However, look before you leap into the NFT gaming space. Invest and build carefully.   

How NFT games make money

How NFT games make money

Axie Infinity and Decentraland, two popular play-to-earn games, are exploding in popularity throughout the cryptocurrency industry.

Their innovative, extremely entertaining model seems to be transforming the game business, and it has a wide range of potential audiences.

Who or what is the source of the funding?

The currency that players earn inside the platform provides the value that is shared across all nft games list on the site. However, not every game follows the same business strategy, and some tiny developers are simply interested in capitalizing on the metaverse trend.

A native token is a kind of currency that may be used for in-game purchases as well as trade between players. According to blockchain engineer James Bachini, they get value from the usage of their tokens, which are deemed valuable by users and cryptocurrency dealers.

How NFT games make money

For example, the mechanism used by Axie Infinity relies on players making a significant initial investment in NFT games that are special to the game (or Axies, in this case). Gamers may then swap their in-game digital assets — which they have acquired via playing — with other gamers at a higher value, so continuing the cycle and injecting value into the gaming economy in the process.

According to Bachini, “If everyone chooses to quit and trade their Axie tokens for other digital currencies, the token value would plummet.” In the event that the game continues to be successful, there will be a continued demand for the token.

The game’s proprietors and investors are certain that people will continue to participate in it and to put money into it in the future. This is due to the fact that digital asset ownership is becoming more widely accepted.

Specifically, Axie’s axs cryptocurrency increased by an astounding 18,000 percent over the course of 2021, while Decentraland’s mana token increased by 4,000 percent, placing the two of them among the best performers overall in the crypto space last year, thanks to the popularity of play-to earn games and the metaverse.

Is it assured that I will make money from my gaming activities?

No. However, the amount of time you devote in the game, its popularity, and the demand for the in-game assets or underlying token all play a role in your success.

Although “play to earn” is not a magic pill that will make any game lucrative for players, it does provide a precedent and a canvas for such a value-distributing game, according to Diego Di Tommaso, cofounder of open-source augmented reality platform OVR.

How NFT games make money

Is the business model viable in the long run?

Possibly, however there are a lot of issues with this approach since the allure of making money may dilute the game experience, among other things. One significant risk is the capacity of a game to maintain the growth of the economy that it seeks to create.

According to Adrian Kolody, founder of DeFi firm Domination Finance, the only way for a play-to-earn model to be viable is for the game’s players to be of high quality.

Bot-farmers might dilute the experience of being amused and truly having fun while playing, according to him, if individuals use them to get the most out of the game just for the purpose of earning residual revenue, rather than for enjoyment.

According to him, “Bot behavior also encourages the automatic dumping of the token payouts that you obtain from these games.” Consequently, there is a downward price movement, which may spell definite death for some of these projects that depend on their token to perform well for a long enough period of time.”

Furthermore, the ongoing selling of in-game assets necessitates a steady influx of new players in order to sustain the business model and establish income sources in order to succeed.

How NFT games make money

What, if anything, does the game generate in terms of revenue?

This is a simple one. Fees for transactions! The game charges new users a price for acquiring in-game cash, which constitutes a significant source of income for the developer. The most enticing aspect of the game is the increase in value of native tokens as time passes.

Games with strong communities and branding have a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Koh Kim, head of ecosystem at blockchain infrastructure startup Mysten Labs, explained that “Axie’s sustainability will be determined by how quickly it can grow its player base and drive additional utility to its in-game assets.” “Axie’s sustainability will be determined by how fast it can grow its player base and drive additional utility to its in-game assets,” he said. “Axie has actually altered people’s lives – and that is their competitive edge,” says the entrepreneur. There is no other play-to-earn game with such a high degree of player loyalty.

There will be some of the greatest play to earn games that are compatible with both web browsers and a native mobile app, which will be available soon. If, on the other hand, you are wanting to play a freshly released NFT games, you may discover that it is initially only available via your laptop or desktop computer.

This is due to the fact that top-rated NFT games are very complicated to design from a technical viewpoint. As a result, the game must be completely adapted for mobile devices running both iOS and Android operating systems.

Forest Knight, one of the greatest NFT games for mobile devices that we’ve come across, is now available for download on Android devices as of this writing. If you’re seeking for the greatest NFT games for iOS, Sorare, a sports fantasy title, should be on your list.


In conclusion, this tutorial has covered every aspect of NFT games that you could possibly want to know. We’ve spoken about the many various ways that NFT games enable you to earn prizes – with a heavy emphasis on in-game digital tokens and one-of-a-kind NFT games – and we’ll talk about how to earn them in the future.

The cryptocurrency exchange eToro is an excellent choice if you’re hoping to make a larger investment in the larger NFT gaming market by acquiring in-game tokens – such as those from Decentraland, the Sandbox, or Axie Infinity.

We do have a favourite new NFT games project at the moment, though, and that is Silks, because to the platform’s novel P2E capabilities and its interesting connection to the thoroughbred horse racing sector.

How to create passive income with NFT games

How to create passive income with NFT games

While blockchain gaming is gaining popularity, demand for non-fungible token (NFT) NFT games is approaching saturation due to the soaring pricing of some NFTs. We have discussed players that make real money and passive income via NFT games like Axie Infinity or MyDefiPet, and it seems as if this is only the start of a major trend that is growing right now.

Indeed, we’re going to highlight five NFT games here for you to learn about whether you’ve never heard of them before or are especially interested in this kind of investment. Indeed, beyond pure fun, play to earn gaming are gaining popularity owing to their capacity to concurrently assist players improve their lives. You should be aware that the reason NFT games are so popular is because they involve money!

For many, this is an opportunity to combine useful and fun activities and to invest in long-term assets.

We may now turn our attention to our list of the best NFT games.

How to create passive income with NFT games

WavesDuck: Generating passive income with your ducks!

Due to the crypto passive income component of the Waves Duck game, it is gaining traction.

It has grown in popularity in recent years. The game, which was built on the Waves blockchain, has gotten a lot of attention. The purpose of the game is to breed ducks (affectionately referred to as DUCKs) that are NFTs with different characteristics. Indeed, these ducks provide financial value to their owners by producing eggs ($ EGG tokens). The more unusual a duck is, the more passive revenue it generates, which is why so many people visit Waves Duck to wager and earn passive income.

It’s a game with an easy user interface and straightforward rules. To own a duck, however, you must have around three EGG, which makes the entry cost fairly dear. With that stated, you may feel that passive income is a kind of income as well. Others have ducks that have a return rate of more than 100%, and some even approach 200 percent! Each duck generates a certain number of EGG tokens each month. You may have multiples in order to supplement your pension. You will get a quick return on your investment and may begin enjoying your passive income immediately.

Then the good news: all new Waves Duck gamers will now get a free baby duck! A fantastic way to join the game and fast get rich.

Sorare: Final Fantasy’s New Trading Card Game

It is without a doubt one of the NFT games that has attracted the curiosity of non-cryptocurrency users. Sorare is a fantasy football mashup in which users build teams and compete against other players in tournaments. Similarly, and this is how it earns a spot on our list, it is a game in which we will collect player cards that represent NFTs.

A unique feature of Sorare is that the player cards accurately represent the player’s real-world value. If a player causes a commotion and gains fame in the world of football, his or her card will reflect this.

The cards are legal, and you’re bound to run across some of your favorite players. Football and cryptocurrency are inextricably linked, as seen by Sorare’s growing user base.

How to create passive income with NFT games

CryptoKitties: The First and Most Popular NFT Game in the World

To be quite candid, it would have been impossible or dishonest not to add CryptoKitties, since it is THE NFT collectible game. He was the movement’s pioneer, despite the fact that non-fungible tokens remained rather unknown to the general public in 2017. It’s all about virtual kitten raising here. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Certain cats have sold for exorbitantly high amounts of hundreds of dollars!

You may participate in cat battles, solve puzzles, and much more, as the game is always evolving.

How to create passive income with NFT games

Axie Infinity: The billion-dollar game!

We recently notified you about Axie Infinity’s meteoric climb a few months ago. Indeed, this is the first game to sell over a billion units, with one NFT fetching 300 ETH! This indicates the game’s potential, as well as the potential of comparable NFT games. Each day, over 250,000 people are active!

The Axie Infinity game developed by NFT on the Ethereum blockchain may be reminiscent of the Pokemon game in that the idea is similar: breeding animals and preparing them for battle. These are more beneficial in the game if they are more powerful and strong. The game first acquired popularity in Asia, particularly among Filipino players, before achieving worldwide success!

How to create passive income with NFT games

The Legendary NFT Card Game Gods Unchained

It’s a popular game, owing to the fact that many players claim to make a lot of money playing it. Chris Clay, the former director of “Magic: The Gathering Arena,” was instrumental in developing the Ethereum-based NFT Gods Unchained game. The game has a big fan base and has remained a market leader. Coinbase Ventures is one of the game’s investors, having made a successful investment in 2018. It was unique to transpose genuine collection cards into a demineralized universe. This started off challenging, and once again, NFT cards are outrageously expensive!

Players will obtain digital cards depicting characters and engage in battle with other players, as is traditional. Strengthened cards are more valuable.

How to create passive income with NFT games

Final thoughts

Few indicators of the times are more striking than Facebook’s rebranding as ‘Meta’ and developers pleading with Valve to lift Steam’s restriction on blockchain NFT games. As we get closer to the reality of offline annihilation, it’s natural for the cryptoverse to become gamified. 

You will not need my explanation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) at this stage, but let us provide background for how the Ethereum economy and technology have been adapted for usage in the gaming sector.

In a NFT games model, players gain in-game assets via digital transactions or by unlocking new products. Essentially identical to the majority of other game systems, except that you gain exclusive rights to distribute or resell them for profit. 

While blockchain gaming is gaining popularity, demand for non-fungible token (NFT) NFT games is approaching saturation due to the soaring pricing of some NFTs.